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Easter (Soul) Sunday ;)


Hi, dearies!

How are you? 😀

I’m back! Hihi. First of all, Happy Easter! How was the egg hunt? :)) Tonight is The Script’s second Philippine concert and unfortunately, I’m not there </3 I was supposed to go with friends and I already had a ticket but I had to give it up ’cause I’m spending the Holy Week with my sister (it’s just me and her here in Cebu ’cause the fam’s back at home). Anyway, it’s all good. Haha. Although it’s a loss to not be able to watch them the second time around, at least I’m able to spend time with my sister. And I’ve already seen them during their first concert. 😀

Soul Sunday

As I’ve mentioned, it’s just me and my sister together here in Cebu and from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday, we just stayed at home. For Easter Sunday, we decided to celebrate by having a dinner date at a nearby bistro. Afterward, we bought ice cream from the supermarket near our house. We originally planned to have dessert at a cupcake shop near the bistro but it was closed so… Haha. Okay, now I’m gonna tell you about our dinner.

Soul Bistro is a hole-in-the-wall resto, imo, and the only reason why we know about it is because we always pass by it every time we go out or head back home. It’s really just a small place with around 6 tables inside and around 4 outside but it is quite cozy. My sister and I sat at a corner table inside and since it was just the two of us, we just ordered a few things.


My sister and I ordered Calamares Fritos, Eggplant Parmesan, Grilled Beef Belly and two cups of garlic rice. For drinks, my sister ordered Four Seasons juice while I ordered Pineapple Juice. (Sadly, they don’t have any unique drink offerings. All the drinks they were selling were canned or bottled ones you can buy anywhere)

Before our orders were served, they gave us free chicken soup. It was a bit bland but it was okay. It was basically flat pasta strips, chicken cubes and small diced carrots in chicken broth. For the dishes we ordered, they generally had thumbs up from me and my sister except for the beef belly because some parts of it were burnt. The garlic rice was good and surprisingly, not that heavy on the stomach (I noticed that most garlic rice are very heavy. Haha).

I think the dishes were all fairly priced. Not one dish we ordered cost 200 and for everything we ate we just paid P600. The serving was just enough for around 2-3 people, depending on how much you chow down. Haha. And service was generally fast. We waited for probably less than 10 minutes :))






Overall, Soul Bistro was okay. I would probably recommend it to people who live near the place and just feel like eating out all of a sudden but are actually lazy to go far. Haha 😉

That’s all for now, loves! 😀