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Remembering FBND :))


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It’s been quite a while… again. Haha. Really have to improve on motivating myself. Lol. Anywhooo…

Before all hell breaks loose…

Last Thursday, the 28th of February, I finished watching the K-drama Flower Boy Next Door or otherwise known as My Flower Boy Neighbor (이웃집 꽃미남). FBND is a romcom which just finished airing on the 26th of February, and I have been following it week after week. Haha.

Most, if not all, of my close friends know that I like watching K-dramas, TW-dramas and US TV series in my spare time. FBND is just one of the very many that I have already watched.

Next week, I would already be going to battle (i.e. hell week) with an endless list of schoolwork waiting for my attention, so before I become I total cave woman, I would just like to write about this. (Also because it’s been exactly a week after finishing it.)

I find the story of FBND cute, and not just because of the flower boys they have in the show or the aegyo of the male lead. I like how it’s really funny (or maybe I just like laughing too much) but other than that, I will try to tell you below why I like it without spoiling too much. Lol. (I’ll just strike through parts which might reveal too much so that people who are sensitive to spoilers can opt to skip them. Haha)

The story revolves around Enrique Geum, a creative genius, and Go Dok Mi, who is a recluse. Enrique is a free spirit who likes having fun while Dok Mi is sort of anthropophobic because of a bad experience she had in her teens. (Oops, was that a spoiler? Lol. Not really!) One day, Enrique moves in to the apartment across Dok Mi’s and that’s how the story begins.

Dok Mi has a (literally) next-door neighbor, Oh Jin Rak, a cartoonist who has a crush on Dok Mi. Jin Rak has a roommate, Yoo Dong Hoon, and both of them are cartoonists. They are currently working on a webtoon entitled “Flower Boy Next Door” (which just actually tells the story of what’s happening between all the characters in the drama itself. Kind of like an inception thing, if you want to put it that way. Haha) and they constantly report to this editor who only sleeps 4 hours a day and has constantly dark circles under her eyes.

One day, Watanabe Ryu, a Japanese who is trying to learn the dishes of different countries, moves into Dok Mi’s apartment building. So there, you now have all the flower boys who will make the neighborhood brighter (although I’m not so sure about Jin Rak. Not saying that he’s not good-looking or anything, but I just don’t think I’d categorize him as a flower boy. Lol). But at around the same, an old friend (or is she?) of Dok Mi’s moves into the same neighbourhood.

Okay, so back to Enrique and Dok Mi’s story. I like how their relationships develop because in the beginning, they both liked someone else. And then when they start to let go of the “others”, they finally start to see each other. I like their story because it’s not just all about liking the other person but also about trying to help the other find herself.

Enrique tries to bring Dok Mi out of her box, to show her the world, to make her trust in herself and others again. It’s not, however, the perfect Aladdin-I-can-show-you-the-world story because at some point, Enrique commits, and realizes, mistakes in how he pushed Dok Mi out of her shell. This makes it more realistic, more relatable, and thus, more likeable.

Another thing is the fact that it’s not a too cheesy, sweet-all-the-time kind of drama. I would rather put it as a cute-and-funny story, effectively delivering the romantic pinch without being too mushy.


Along the way, however, two people started to steal the show for me. Haha. I honestly didn’t expect it at first, but after seeing the first signs of a blooming love line, I got hooked and it even came to a point where I was more excited to see how their story develops than Enrique and Dok Mi’s own development. And seriously, I was more kilig watching them than the main couple (not that I’m not kilig with the main couple, it’s just that they shined brighter). It’s just too bad that the development of their love line came later on in the story, and so I feel that they rushed it in the end. But oh well.


I usually buy DVDs of Asian dramas every break with my sister or download them from the web and in the past, I have noticed that a lot of the dramas I watch later on get bought and aired by local TV stations. I must have good taste, to choose dramas that get aired later on. Haha. Or maybe not, maybe it’s just a coincidence (one too many, if I must say) but whatever. Haha. What I’m driving at here is that I read recently that the Philippines bought the rights to this drama already, so they might be showing it any time this year. When it does, I recommend that you watch it. Orrr, you can start watching it now ahead of the others. Haha. 😉

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Okay, so that’s it for now, friends. I still have a paper to attend to (Proof of hell knocking at my door). If you have any comments about the drama, or want me to write about other dramas I’ve watched or recommend stuff to you or anything else under the sun, feel free to write a comment or tweet me. Hihi. 😀

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