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WinterSlumber: Lazy Daisy Blogs Again


“If there is nothing new under the sun, at least the sun itself is always new, always re-creating itself out of its own inexhaustible fire.”

― Michael SimsApollo’s Fire: A Day on Earth in Nature and Imagination

Hey there maties! 😀

Before anything else, let me introduce myself.

I’m Ariane Louise Tan, 18 years of age and an incoming junior in Ateneo de Manila University taking up Bachelor of Science in Management, Major in Legal Management. My friends call me either Ariane or Yan. I love eating, sleeping, watching dramas and movies, reading, chilling with friends, and of course, shoppiiing! Hihi. I’m into cute stuff (*winkwink*), fashion and travel, and I like trying out new things. But that’s all I can tell you about myself for now. I’ll let you guys know more about me in the coming days as I continue to fill up my blog with many different, or maybe not so different, things. 😀

Now let’s talk about my blog.

You might be wondering right now, what’s up with the quote? Well the reason for the quote is that I was trying to go for impact in this first post of mine (for this blog). I added (for this blog) because yes, I have a different blog — in the past. I actually used to have blogs on Tumblr, Multiply, and even here in WordPress.

I have stopped blogging since last year. Laziness got the better of me. HAHA. But now, I am planning to start blogging again. And like the sun in the quote, here I am trying to recreate myself out of my desire to just write and talk about stuff. I will do my best to keep on blogging. If possible, I’ll try to blog everyday. I do hope that you guys will help me do so by supporting my blog and giving me feedback. 😉

Why WinterSlumber?

I thought up WinterSlumber as my blog’s name because, well, it sounds so chill, like a bear hibernating during winter. XD I’m quite a lazy person (thus, the Lazy Daisy in the title) and I wanted my blog name to reflect the kind of writing I plan to do: spontaneous and mostly light topics, just about anything under the sun. I want to give it that languid feel, as though you’re lazing about in your bed during a cold day and your body’s just telling you to relax, take it easy, enjoy the moment of respite and let the flow take you.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to strictly adhere to this feel I’m aiming for. I’m not even sure if I’m making sense right now. HAHAHA. But yeah, that’s my plan and plans aren’t really always followed. HIHI. Ohwell, whatever comes, comes. For now, I’ll just blog. Then we’ll see what happens from there. 😀

Here’s to hoping that my blog will be a success,