Gimme A Beat


Hi, dearies!

How was your day?

Mine started out so-so, but ended on a good note as I had quite a good laugh during my last class, which was a night law class. I think everyone was just so brain tired by then that funny, random answers just started coming out of people’s mouths. Anyways…

Gimme A Beat

Some friends of mine have been asking me for song recommendations since before, around the first quarter of this year or the last quarter of last year. Well, “busybody” that I am (HAHA), it kept slipping my mind. My friends haven’t forgotten about it though (I haven’t too. Haha) and so I’m finally gonna do it now.

What I’m showing you guys now is my “Summer 2013” playlist. Despite what you might think, I’m not super updated when it comes to songs; this playlist is actually a combination of old and new ones, but for me, they’re all worth listening to. Haha. Oh, most of these songs have a pretty light feel and I consider most of them as “feel good” or “makes you wanna (party) sway” songs. HAHA. Well actually, it’s a really mixed playlist. πŸ˜€





I don’t claim to be an expert or anything of the sort when it comes to music, but who knows, we might have the same taste so why don’t you give the songs above a try? πŸ™‚

(Maybe next time I’ll post a party playlist. Haha)




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