Reconnecting :)


Hi, lovely readers!

How’s life? 😉

It’s been a reaaaaaaally long time! I truly missed blogging and sharing random stuff here.


Today, I reconnected to a lot of things in my life.

First, I got reconnected to reading. Since I was a young kid, I already had a penchant for reading. I just read anything that would interest me or anything that I could get my hands on. There were times when I even read stuff I couldn’t understand fully. Haha. It was because of frequent reading that I was somehow able to widen my vocabulary on my own and I eventually became a fast reader. The advent and rise in popularity of TV shows and dramas, however, caused a break in my reading habit. It came to a point where sometimes, I just don’t finish reading a book at all. Last night, I decided to reconnect with my love for reading, for the quest of knowledge, for the sheer delight that comes with immersing yourself in a good story. Hihi. I am currently reading this:


And I am planning to read this next:

Image(Btw, I did some research on this book [and somehow spoiled myself in the process] and I found out that the film rights to this book was already bought even before it was even published so I’m really excited to read this :D)

Second, I got reconnected to table tennis and with my table tennis friends. I used to be a part of our school’s table tennis team when I was a freshman and during the first couple of months during my sophomore year. However, don’t think that I have superior skills. Haha. I am just a mediocre player. But, well, I really had fun playing table tennis. I don’t know but it just feels different after sweating for hours while enjoying what you’re doing. But the fun doesn’t just come from working out because while I was in the team, I was able to make lots of friends; friends who are like brothers and sisters to me. And I was really happy that, even after not seeing them for a year, they still welcomed me like family. Awww. ❤

ImageSome new and old players and friends. Hihi. My friend, Leslie (the girl in white sitting beside me), and I always did everything table tennis related together. Haha. We went into and quit the team at the same time and we always went to training together; we were collectively called “The Bitches” together with some other teammates (and no, it’s not because we really are bitches but it’s sort of an inside joke). Haha. This morning, we also went together. 😛

Finally, I reconnected with you, dearies! ❤ I have not blogged for a loooooong time. I think it’s been two months already, and even when I was still “blogging”, meaning during the last month that I did, it was done sparingly. So, yes, I am happy to say that I’m back! And I’ve listed down some stuff to write about, so expect to see follow-up posts in the coming days. Yay!

I do hope you’ll support me in this “comeback” of mine. Aaand, I’ve enlisted the help of an artistic friend to try to give my blog a new look (although she’s busy at the moment, so I won’t be able to do that yet), so please look forward to that. Hihi.




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