Of A Warm Velvet Cup :P


Hey there loves!

How are you all doing?

For the past week, I’ve been staying in coffee shops and other food establishments across school for most of the day to study because I can’t seem to concentrate when I’m in my room. Last Tuesday, I didn’t have class for the whole day so I decided to eat lunch and study out with my friend, Bea.

Happy Tummy

Bea and I ate lunch in Gravy Fix, a chicken joint offering different flavors of gravy in Katipunan. Afterward, we decided to study in CBTL. Bea decided to get a caffe latte. I, on the other hand, didn’t know what to get because I’m not really a coffee person and I don’t normally go to coffee shops.

After taking a look at their menu, I finally saw something that got my interest and I decided to order it. The drink I got was the Red Velvet Hot Cocoa, and it proved to be a good pick for a first ever drink in CBTL. Haha. The drink is pink in color and it sort of reminded me of Swiss Miss or Sustagen. It was cute! Hihi 😀


They actually also have a Red Velvet Frappe but I decided to go with the Hot Cocoa because I don’t like how frappes end up becoming just a cupload of ice. Haha. But yeah, if you wanna/decide to try the frappe, tell me about it. :>




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