Enough, Please!


Hi there loves!

How are you?

I haven’t been feeling quite myself lately, and I’m always bored or tired or just plain blah. HAHA. Well, I hope I get back to the old me soon. While that’s not happening yet, I’ll just make a very short post, straight to the point.

For the love of Thor!

For the past couple of days or so, a gazillion Thor puns and memes have been circulating around the web, especially in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. At first, it was actually funny but later on, when everyone started pitching in their own Thor puns, it became annoying to the extreme. It was just too much! People even went so far as to start on other Avengers characters like Loki, Hulk and Hawkeye. It’s just cuh-rey-zeeee!

So while I was writing this post, I tried looking for photos as evidence. As I was contemplating whether to include one in this post or not, I saw one GIF that really made me laugh despite myself. It’s not so much the pun that I like but the GIF itself. It’s just so hilarious! HAHA. Here it is!

funny puns - Happy Thorsday!

I hope you had a good laugh too. But despite that, I hope they stop all these Thor jokes. My apologies for being out of sorts. =))




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