Simply adORABLE Watch! ;)


Hey there loves! 🙂

How are you?

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA again for a week. It’s just that, after getting done with OrSem, acads just started coming in from left and right. Truly, third year is the most crucial part of our course. We have lots and lots of papers to do, what with Marketing and Operations Management in one semester. Marketing’s extra challenging for our batch because we were asked to come up with new products targeted at class C&D.

Speaking of Marketing class, my post today is about our first ever homework in Marketing.


For our first ever (and actually the only one as of the moment) homework in Marketing, our prof asked us to choose three recent TV ads (Yes, that’s why it’s adORABLE. Hihi) we like and another three we dislike. As soon as she said this, I immediately had in mind two TV ads that I like. In truth, they were the only two among the six that I strongly felt about. The rest were just out of doing the homework (Sorry, Ma’am!). So what are the two ads that have gotten my favor? Let me tell you (in no particular order. HAHA). 🙂

Life’s Simple Joys

The Canon IXUS Camera advertisement proves to be, in my opinion, an entertaining watch because it has a “feel good” vibe. I think it’s an effective TVC because it shows us the simple joys in life that we sometimes take for granted and at the same time it shows how the product can help us capture these moments and turn them into memories. The ad tells us to loosen up every once in a while and just enjoy life with the following statements: “Growing up can wait. Glamour can wait. Self-control can wait.” The song they used and the scenes that were shown in the TVC also strengthened the message that they wanted to convey while effectively pointing out the part that the product plays in moments like those shown.

A Thousand Miles

Another TV ad that has caught my attention and gained my favor is Smart’s newest commercial for their wireless internet. For one, the background music “Thousand Miles” is one of my favorite songs. But besides that, I also love the plot and how it seems like they really put a lot of thought into the creation of the ad. Watching it, I felt like I was drawn into the story of Meg and Marco. It kept me on my toes waiting for the moment when they finally see each other and it evoked a warm feeling in me in the end even though they didn’t really meet face to face. It was not so much the product that was sold out to me but the story; yet because of the appeal the ad has to my emotions, I might just want to buy the product.

Don’t these commercials just strike you or something? I simply love them! ❤ What about you, have any ads that you like? Share! 🙂




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