Stand Up, Speak Up: Esquired!


Hi loves! 😀

How’ve you been?

I haven’t been posting regularly of late, and that’s because the first term is much more hectic than the summer term, when I started this blog. But don’t you worry because I’ll find time in between juggling acads and org stuff to bring you different topics to talk or read about. 😉

What do you have for us today?

Today, I will share to you something about being a customer.

Last Sunday, Stefi and I decided to have BonChon for dinner, and I was the one who called for the delivery. I found the girl who answered my call rude. Why so? While she was getting my order, she was talking to someone else in the store and she kept on laughing while I was talking. Absolutely impolite. I got pissed, but at first I let it pass. But she blew the last straw when, after telling her that I’ll be needing change for 500, she made me wait for several seconds because she was talking to the guy in the store and when she did talk to me, it was just to say “I love you ma’am” and then she hung up the phone. I was still able to hear her laughing before she was able to actually put the phone down.

That was really unacceptable for me because it was JUST SO RUDE, and I really got massively pissed! You won’t like me when I’m mad. HAHA. I decided that I’m gonna complain about the incident. So I went to their facebook page and told them about how rude their staff is and that even though they just interact with us through the phone, they should still respect us because we are the customers and without customers, no business will thrive. They replied to my post and asked me for details and they apologized, saying that professionalism is their priority in serving the customers (or something like that) and that they’ll take the necessary actions to prevent this from happening again.

After a couple of days, my anger about the incident had actually subsided. I just went on my merry way, going to my classes and fulfilling my responsibility as a Hero in ARSA OrSem. So imagine the surprise I got when, after I finished my first and only class yesterday, I received a call from the branch manager of BonChon in Katipunan. She was asking me about what happened, and she apologized and explained to me, saying the other person the girl was talking to already knew me because I always ordered from them (sorry but if you know me, I don’t know you) that’s why they did what they did, which is no excuse for them to act that way. For me, the deed was inexcusable. Forgivable, yes, but excusable, no.

The branch manager told me that they’re not taking it against me that I complained (and why on earth should they, when it’s my right as customer to complain when I’m not treated as I should be?) and that they’re gonna work on improving their service. She said she’s hoping that I’m still gonna order from them in the future. In the end, as some sort of compensation or damage control, the branch manager said she’s treating me dinner and that she’s gonna have it delivered to the dorm. At around 6:15, the food arrived and I was given a chapchae, a soy garlic chops rice box and a large iced tea.


The chapchae or glass noodles 🙂


My large iced tea 😛


The soy garlic chops rice box


I appreciate their effort to try to make it up to me for what happened. I was already okay with them replying and hearing out my complain, but the dinner made me feel even better. They didn’t really have to do it, but I’m thankful anyway. At least now they know I’m not someone to be messed with or taken lightly. 😉 You don’t mess with an esquire-to-be. HAHA. loljk

What I’m trying to say here is that as a customer, you should be treated with respect and be given proper service. If anyone does otherwise, you have every right to complain because if you don’t, it could happen again and not just to you, but to other people too. But don’t just complain because you’re expecting to be given free food like what happened with me because we all know that’s not always the case. I complained to them without thinking of being treated to dinner or something. I complained because I don’t want them to let that incident happen again.



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