Long Time :))


Hey there loves!

How are you, guys? 😀

It’s been like, around 3 days since I last posted. Sorry for that because I’ve been quite busy lately, what with school (which started yesterday) and ARSA OrSem (or Orientation Seminar) starting at the same time. We actually don’t have classes today but we had an activity earlier for OrSem, which really drained whatever energy I have. Haha.

Sharing a bit

So as I’ve mentioned above, yesterday, we had our first day of classes. I only have two subjects on Mondays, Philo101 and POM104.

We learned that our professor in Philo, Mr. Roy Tolentino, is away for five weeks and we will be with a substitute prof for the entire time that Sir Tolentino is unavailable. Our sub prof is Mr. Albert Lagliva and I’m thinking we will have fun during his time as our prof because even on the first day, he was already able to make us laugh a lot in less than an hour. He’s kind of like a free-spirit, not-strict type of person. Hihi.

For POM, we have a young prof who, imo, can pass as a Korean actor. HAHAHA. I know, it’s funny. Having watched quite a lot of K-dramas, he kinda has that vibe you get from them K-actors. He also kinda reminded me of Mr. Kim Boram from Etude House Global. A lot of people say POM is hard and I’m kinda scared but I hope I’ll be able to do well.

I’m happy that I have an air-conditioned classroom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. But I’m fearing my 6-9 classes because I don’t think I can last for 3 hours straight with just one subject. -_- I have quite a short attention span so I fear losing focus. But I hope I won’t. HAHA 😐


Anyways, I’m really egzoited because on the 14th (2 days from now but I’ll actually have to wait for 3 because it’s US time) the second season of Suits will air. Yay me! Hihi. I really love this series and I just think that it’s so superb! It’s gonna get more exciting so I’m really sure that I’m gonna get hooked.

photo from pictures19.com

from tvlistings.zap2it.com

That’s all for now, folks! 😀




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