Bread, Love and Dreams


Hi there SPF’s! 😀

How’ve you been?

Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything the past 2 days, I’ve been busy and our connection’s been wonky. So during those times when I would’ve been writing a post, I watched a K-drama, Baker King Kim Tak Gu.

What can you say about it?

When I started watching the drama, I continuously ranted about how draggy it was, how long they were taking to build up the story. Seriously, I was sorta annoyed that time because IMO, they poured in too much details which were actually unnecessary. But gradually, I started to like the turn of things.

I watched the second and third episodes in my parents’ room when they were at work, but my mom got home somewhere in the middle of the third ep (I think). Since then, it was my mom who would always urge me to continue watching WITH HER. Haha. I think that says a lot ’cause my mom’s not a fan of K-dramas. Before, whenever she sees me watching one, she’d ask me why I like it when I don’t even understand their language.

I guess the reason why my mom likes it is because it’s a lot of things and it’s mostly about family intrigue (and baking. HAHA), so it’s not the shallow type of drama that teens usually like. The story of Tak Gu and the people around him is both poignant and funny and inspiring and sometimes, even annoying. For a drama to be able to evoke such a web of emotions, I think it proves how it’s not a drama to just be ignored and taken lightly.

Tak Gu, who is played by actor Yoon Si Yoon, is cute and endearing. Hihi. And can I just say, Yoo Jin is the (wo)man! She’s already 31 but she’s still being paired up with a younger actor and the 5-year age difference doesn’t even show! When I told my mom about Yoo Jin’s true age, she was also surprised.

Couldn’t find a better photo of them together. HAHA. Just go watch the drama. 😉

photos from

I haven’t finished the whole drama yet, I’m still in episode 13 or 14. But I can say that it is one interesting drama. Besides the stuff I’ve mentioned above, the drama also made me want to try baking bread. HAHA. Have you seen the drama and want to share what you think about it or want to suggest a good one? Don’t hesitate to share! 😀





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