Random Luck, or Headache? :))


Hi there SPFs! 😀

How was your day? 🙂

This morning, I enlisted in my required subjects for the upcoming term. I got really lucky this term, but I had a headache before I was truly able to make use of the good luck that has landed on my lap. What luck is this? Let me tell you about it. 😀

Random number

I don’t know how other unis go about their online enlistment but in ours, each student in the Loyola Schools (LS) is assigned a random number. There are four schools in LS, namely: School of Social Sciences (SOSS), School of Science and Engineering (SOSE), School of Humanities (SOH), and John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM or SOM) which is my school. Each school is given its own set of random numbers so two students from different schools can have the same number.

The number of students in each school is divided into batches. Each school has the same number of batches, only the random number ranges differ. During regular term, there are usually 4 batches. The batch you are in matters because it can make or break the possibility of getting in a good class and having a good prof. Slots in different classes are limited so having good choices would be highly unlikely for someone who’s in the last batch. Batching matters most when you’re in your junior and senior years because that’s the time when you get to choose ALL your classes. During freshman and sophomore year, most of your subjects are pre-enlisted and usually the only ones that aren’t are gym class or Physical Education (PE) and National Service Training Program (NSTP).

I have been quite unlucky with random numbers, being in the first and second batch once only, and during times when I didn’t have the need to be in an early batch. I was always fourth batch and it annoyed me! But this term, imagine the ridiculous turn my random number luck took when I got… *drum roll* … NUMBER 2! Bloody number 2, just when it mattered most! This term is important because there are only a few good choices and 4 out of the 5 subjects we are having this term are majors. But being in the first batch isn’t all good. What could possibly be bad about it?


The only core or minor subject that we have this term is Philosophy101. It was the only subject with heaps and heaps of choices, and it was because of this specific reason that I started to have a headache. Choosing a good prof was really hard because, well, there were a lot of good choices! HAHA. People were suggesting and recommending different profs, and even when I was able to narrow it down to just three, it was still hard to choose. I got pressured to choose as enlistment time drew closer so in the end, I decided to just use a random letter generator! =)) I had to have 15 clicks before I was able to get a letter that was in one of the choices.

I consider being in the first batch really lucky, but I also realized that it could be a headache. HAHA. How about you, have any thing you consider yourself lucky in, only to find out that you have to go through headaches first? 😀





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