Legally Happy :>


Hi there again SPFs! 😀

You’re back.

Yes, I know I just posted a couple of minutes ago but I just wanted to share what I did this afternoon. I went to David’s Salon with my sister. I had to get rid of the flakes *winkwink* and she wanted to even out her hair. I got a hair spa and she got a hair cut. HAHA.


Ew jej. Haha.

What really made me happy today was the after part. After getting our hair done, we went to buy flavored milk at Bean, Green & Cream, a local coffee shop. I got Irish Cream while my sister got Hazelnut. When we got our drinks to go, we went on to buy DVDs. It was actually me who wanted to, my sister just accompanied me. We just went to the first store we came upon because I was in a hurry.

I wanted to buy the second season of Lie To Me but they didn’t have it, and they only have a few choices available. After rummaging through the store’s offerings, I was delighted to come across Fairly Legal Season 1. Yay! 😀 I bought it and Baker King, Kim Tak Goo because I wanted to have something to watch before school starts. I’m really pleased with my Fairly Legal purchase, another one to add to my growing stash of crime/legal-themed shows. Hihi.

photo taken from

photo taken from

How about you, have any show you’re excited to watch and wanna talk about? Share! 🙂





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