Family Bonding! :>


Goofin’ around as we always do. 😀

Hey there SPF’s! 🙂

How’re you doing?

Sorry I haven’t been around for the past couple of days. I’ve just been busy bonding with my family. Hihi. Y’all know I’ve only been back for like four days so we did stuff over the weekend. Yesterday, it was late in the afternoon when the whole family decided to go do a bit of shopping. :> Muhaha.

We headed over to Gaisano, the new mall which is just a stone’s throw away from our house. HAHA. We went there in just plain casual clothes. When we got there my sisters and I wasted no time at all and started looking around, getting our hands on whatever suited our tastes. *evil laugh* In no time at all, we got a basket full of clothes and we went to the fitting room to try them out and see if they looked good. While we were fitting, our mom showed up and told us to hasten because we had a 7:00 reservation for dinner at Mooon Cafe at the ground floor.

After we fitted all that we got and eliminated those that we didn’t like, we went on to make the purchase. HAHA. We caused quite a hold up at the cashier as we had lotsa stuff and other customers were already starting to gather. They were advised to go to another counter.

After paying, we went to Mooon and ordered dinner. Mooon is a Mexican resto, btw. Forgetful that I am, I didn’t remember that I should’ve taken photos of our food so I can share to you wonderful people. But ohwell, we might eat there again so by then I will not forget. 😀 I really had a good time bonding with my family.

Here are some pre-dinner photos, when we were waiting for our food. 😀







Have any family bonding moments you wanna share? Feel free to tell me! 🙂




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