Sizzlesizzle :>


Hey there SPF’s! πŸ˜€

How’ve you been?

To be honest, I’m quite tired because I’ve had a long day since yesterday. The previous morning, I had my Eco111 final exam until lunch and then after that my friends and I went to see IAN SOMERHALDER. Wow! It was crazy! People were just pushing and pushing and we were already bathing in each other’s sweat! It’s like all of us were inside a bottle being shaken, swaying side to side together, because everyone was just pushing!

I don’t really watch Vampire Diaries but I know Ian Somerhalder and stuff about him. It was two of my friends who were just big fans and they invited me to go with them. So yeah, it was crazy but it was also fun! I mean, Ian’s really really hot! HAHA. Five of us went together and after Ian’s really short interview, we ate and went to have some photos. Here are some of them taken by one of our friends, Alyssa Quijano.

The hotness that is Ian Somerhalder :>

He took some shots of… me. HAHA. Kidding, it was the huuuge crowd he was taking a photo of.

The tiptoe. HAHA

We look so happy. XD

Prepping for the billboard shoot.

Fierce. The new faces of Penshoppe. HAHA. :>

We spent the whole afternoon in MOA, and when we got back to Katipunan, I only had a few minutes to spare because I was gonna eat dinner with my Korean friends. At a quarter before 7, I met with Annie and we went to Ortigas to eat dinner. We met Tae Hyeon in Jang Ga Ne (μž₯κ°€λ„€) where we ate ddeokbokki, al tang, dok kalbi and another soup. HAHA. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of us and the food. 😐

Today, I woke up early, got to the airport and settled before our supposed departure time. BUT APPARENTLY, THESE DAYS ALMOST ALL DOMESTIC FLIGHTS ARE DELAYED! It was like every half hour there would be an announcement saying that a flight is delayed. It just pissed me off because Tepi and I made an effort to go early to the airport and I (together with all the other passengers) was made to wait for 2 effin’ hours! What a joke! The airport and the airlines seriously have to fix this. This is not the first time that flights left and right are delayed. Ugh.

Okay, enough of my complaints. HAHA. I’m just so happy now that I’m home. I had fun this afternoon playing kinect games with mah sibs. Haha. And they made the float I asked them to make. Hihi. :>

Ahhh, truly, home is where the heart is. ❀





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