I Found Love In A Hopeless Place :))


Hey there SPF’s!

How are you?

You must be intrigued by my post’s title, huh? HAHA. Well, I did find a new love. I’ll tell you about it in a while. First, let me brag about my cousin. (Sorry, I’m just proud of her! :D)

Pretty and Smart

Those are just the right words to describe my cousin, Gianna Tan Chua. My dad and her mom are siblings so that makes us first-degree cousins. :>

So why do I say that she’s pretty and smart?

Well, it’s not just because she’s my cousin but also because, well, she is. HAHA. In uni, I think she was Prom Queen (or something like that) for two consecutive years! That means she got the award both times that she was in the event. Pretty, check!

When Gianna graduated in college, she was at the top of her batch. At the top. As in number one. And now, she’s number four in the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Examination. Wowzers! I tell you, she’s that smart! The board is a nationwide thing, as you may or may not know, and being 4th is A LOT! Smart, check!

If you were her cousin, wouldn’t you be proud too? :>

(You can see the list of the top ten here: http://prcboardresultph.blogspot.com/2012/05/may-2012-cpa-board-exam-results-top-10.html)

(Photos taken from Gianna’s fb account)

I Found Love In A Hopeless Place

Yes, I found love in a hopeless place. And where is that hopeless place you might ask? HAHA. Well, that place is in my table drawer! =))

Recently, I’ve been quite sad because I don’t have anymore dramas to watch. My notebook’s memory is full and I don’t have anywhere else to store new drama files because my USBs are full. I still do have Running Man, but I have to watch it online and I’m an impatient girl so sometimes when it takes long to buffer, I get annoyed.

So, imagine my delight when I remembered that I still have a few DVDs I haven’t watched yet! They’re all just stored inside my table drawer. Haha. One of them is Lie To Me, a US TV series. (It’s different from the Korean drama Lie To Me, which I’ve watched. I have it in my notebook and I absolutely love it!) It’s about scientists who can tell when someone is lying or when a criminal is guilty just by looking at the person’s body language. Awesome, right? :>

Photo taken from hulu.com

I have just finished watching the first two episodes and I’m already itching to watch the next one. But of course I had to stop first to make this post. :)) I’m actually even scared that I might finish the whole first season before the week ends. :s So yeah, watching Lie To Me, I got the same feeling I had when I watched Suits last year, which just means I SIMPLY LOVE IT. Suits is another US TV series about a great lawyer and his apprentice, who isn’t actually a lawyer but is smarter and more knowledgeable of the law than other lawyers. It’s opening its second season on June 14 and I can’t wait to see it! Yay! 😀

Harvey, my favorite character from Suits. He’s the legit lawyer. :>

(photo from goldderby.com)

I also like Mike, but he can’t beat Harvey’s swag. 😛

(photo from imdb.com)

That’s it for tonight. What about you, found a new love or proud of anyone? Feel free to share! 😀




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