Ms. MIA :))


Hey there SPF’s!

Did you miss me?

HAHAHA. Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past two days because I had to do school stuff (and some other stuff. HAHA). We’re already in the last week of summer school that’s why we’re sorta busy.

How have you been? 🙂

Last Friday, I had to finish my Fil paper which was due 5 in the afternoon. My brain was so stressed, I felt like gulay. So a few minutes past 6 in the evening, Stefi, Ray and I ate dinner at, well, Tboy again! HAHA. After eating, we went to FullyBooked to chill out and let the food we ate settle. When we got home, I fixed the stuff I will be needing for our Histo165 orphanage visit slash test. HAHA.

So yeah, yesterday, my Histo165 class went to an orphanage in Project 8, Quezon City to teach Philippine History to the kids, which will be 60% of our last long test. Before going there, we practiced for a bit in school first. After the short run through of what we were gonna do there, we convoyed to the place. There were 6 cars in the group but only 4 were in the convoy because the other 2 went ahead. :)) Even with one of us having a GPS, we still got lost going to the place which was sooo far and it took as an hour or so to reach the House of Refuge orphanage.

Ella, Andrea, Aya and I rode in Mateo’s car and we had so much fun! Our conversations were just so random and sometimes like so out of this world! HAHA. We looked so cliquish because it was always our group together from the start, but we don’t mean to be. :)) There at the orphanage, our whole class did so well and we were happy to have brought not just smiles but also knowledge to the kids. Some of our classmates were especially commendable because they just went all out in their performances. In the end, we were all tired but we had fun and we were happy because we made the kids happy, we were able to have new friends, we bonded with old friends, and we became closer as a class. It’s just sad that it all happened on our last day together.

In the evening, I went to one of my closest friends Colene’s debut together with my blockmates. It was an early celebration because her birthday’s on June 11. My gosh, she was suuuuuuuuper prettyyyyyyy! I’m so proud of her because she used to be our baby! She was blooming and I just can’t explain how wonderful she is! I’m annoyed at myself though because I was one of the 18 Hugs and Kisses and when it was my turn to speak, I wasn’t able to say everything I wanted to say because I had a mental block. Ugh! But I had fun at the party, even though we got lost going to the venue. HAHA. Yeah, I got lost twice in one day! =))


Leslie, me, and Stefi. 😀

It was really a tiring day for me because I had activities going on the whole day, and I actually slept on the way home from the party. HAHA. I was just so dead that I didn’t even care that they were having fun in the car while I was just dozing off, and I’m never one to easily pass up on fun! 😉 When we got to the dorm, I just changed into my sleepwear and then immediately went to bed without even washing off my makeup. :))


Yesterday was my twin’s birthday. HAHA. Well, she’s not really my twin but she’s my sister. :)) Later, I’ll be posting about her. For now, I’m gonna take a nap first. HAHAHAHA.





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