A Tale of Two Sisters


Hey again, SPF’s! Hihi.

How did your day go?

So as I mentioned this afternoon, yesterday was my twin Alexi’s birthday. HAHA. She’s not really my twin but that’s what we call ourselves. But even if we’re not twins, we’re biological sisters. πŸ˜€

What twins?

You might be wondering why we call ourselves twins when we’re not. Mehe. Actually, we don’t look all that much the same and she’s older than me by a good five years, five months and twenty-two days. HAHA. I actually forgot how everything started. All I know is that one day, we started calling ourselves twins. But I think it has something to do with a horror movie. =))

We are five siblings and four of us are girls. Trollolol. There’s Stephanie, Alexi, me, and Coleen. Alexi and I became the twins while Stephanie and Coleen became the twitches (twin witches, from the Disney movie Twitches). What I can remember about our twin story is that we share a lot of things in common and we would sometimes buy or wear kinda matching stuff. And by matching stuff, I don’t mean exactly the same. It just means the same concept or look. But well we do have a few stuff which are the same design but different colors.

I’ve mentioned that I think a horror movie had something to do with how we became twins. That horror movie is Wishing Stairs. HAHA. If you guys know that movie, you’ll know the part where So Hee’s ghost would dance humming. Well, we always do that together with our arms over each other’s shoulders. HAHAHAHA. I know, we’re both crazy! πŸ˜›

Here are some photos of me and my twin.


A Tale of Two Sisters


My twin and I were trying to have photos of us with a creepy effect. HAHA. At Taronga Zoo.


Still trying to get that creepy feel. :))


At the Opera House in Sydney πŸ™‚


At Darling Harbour. πŸ™‚

How about you guys, have any sister stories? Feel free to share! πŸ™‚




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