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Hey there SPF’s!

How are you doing?

I’m sort of busy right now because I have a book report due tomorrow so I’ve decided to just share to you a song of Kang Gary, one of my favorite Running Men. This song is more of a break-up jam, but it has a nice MV and a sad but sincere lyrics (Gary wrote this himself, drawing inspiration from his own complicated relationship).

Here is the MV, with Lee Hyori in it:

Here’s the English translation of the lyrics:


The girl who can’t say good bye
The boy that can’t leave
The two of us are no longer in love
So no (x6)


Anywhere together in a 3000 dollar used car
Without a care in the world
Linking arms, committing memories in a photo
Understanding each other in our sleepless nights
My dreams became your future
A pair of beautiful birds chasing each other

A love I could never get enough of
A person I want to meet when reborn
But in front of this thing called time
We can’t win against our greed
Sounds of your tears alone in the bathroom
The suspicious gazes focused on me
As the days go by I think of breaking up again



The sun is hot but your heart is frozen
Whose fault is this?

But I love you baby

Everything else is the same but we changed
Whose fault is this?

I still love you baby




I’m so busy that I feel guilty

I fill my wallet with money and make some time
Even though I don’t express my love
When I have dinner and watch a movie with you
I hope you might feel better

But I continue to be in debt to my thoughts
As I walk and tease you
It’s all a played out game
Love is passing,
Love and heartbreak are one and the same
Heartbreak takes love and goes away.





Love is passing,

Love and heartbreak are one and the same
Heartbreak takes love and goes away. (x2)

How nice would it be if love was something that could be earned?

(It’s all a dream, holding your hand)
How nice would it be if love was something to get by wanting it?

(It’s all a dream but I can’t escape)




Are men caught in love done so because of weakness?

Are men starved of love not worthy of it?

Are men that keep secrets bad men?

Why is it that love changes?

(Lyrics taken from lhianne in lyricsmode.com)





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