Quiz Time!


Hey there SPF’s! 😀

How’re you all doing?

As I was on my way back to the dorm this afternoon, I saw three people from inside the Residence Halls Complex looking at me. I had a feeling that they were gonna approach me but I continued to walk. True to what I felt, they started approaching me. There were two guys and one girl and they introduced themselves collectively as students from the Ateneo Language Learning Center. They asked if they could interview me about Philippine culture and truthfully, I was kinda hesitant because I wasn’t so confident with my knowledge of the Philippine culture. But because I wanted to help, I said yes and tried to answer their questions as best as I could. 😛

How did the conversation go?

They said they were gonna ask me three questions and each of them asked me one by one.

Guy 1: I’m going to ask a question about tableware. Why is it that Filipinos don’t use chopsticks? A lot of countries in Asia are using chopsticks so why aren’t Filipinos using them?

This question sort of took me by surprise because it never occurred to me to ask why Filipinos don’t use chopsticks. I actually laughed a bit inside because I was trying to look for an answer.

“I think maybe one of the reasons why Filipinos don’t use chopsticks is because we’ve been under Spanish rule for 300 years and American rule for 30 years and they don’t use chopsticks.”

They were all like Aaah, immediately getting the picture of being under non-Asian rule.

Guy 1: What else do you think could be a reason for this?

“I guess another reason would be because Filipinos find it hard to control the chopsticks. Some people I know don’t like using chopsticks because they say it’s hard to hold and use.”

Girl: Ah, you know how to use chopsticks?

“Yes, yes.”

After taking down notes, they then proceeded to the second question.

Girl: What do you think is the reason that the Philippines is greatly Christianized?

This one was easy! HAHA. I mean, I think even a third-grader would know this! 😛 And this is part of what we’ve been discussing in our Histo165 just recently.

“Oh, it’s because we were colonized by the Spaniard for 300 years and one of their strategies in colonizing is introducing Christianism. Three hundred years is a looong time to ingrain the Christian faith. :)”

Guy 1: Wow, four hundred years?

Girl and me: “Three hundred.”

Guy 1: Oooh, three hundred.

After that, we proceeded to the last question.

Guy 2: I have eaten a lot of Filipino food and I noticed that some of them are too salty, or too sweet. Why is that?

I actually laughed at this, and they did too. I thought “How can I explain to them the preference of Filipinos when I don’t know the reason my self?” HAHA.

Guy 2: Why is it that Filipino food is too sweet?

With this rephrased question, I suddenly remembered something from Histo165.

“I think it’s also because of the Spaniards because the Filipino culture is mostly Spanish-influenced.”

And immediately they were like Oooh, having heard of the word Spanish in every answer, emphasizing the great impression they left in Philippine society.

Girl: That’s why Filipino food is different. Have you tried Korean food?

“Yes, I’ve tried a few.”

Girl: Oh, what have you tried?

HAHA. I lagged for a bit at that question. I’ve tried some Korean food but suddenly I forgot what they were exactly. Good thing they started rushing back to me. :))

“I’ve tried samgyeopsal–“

Guy 2: Oh! Samgyeopsal! 😀 (facing girl while saying this)

“Yeah, I actually have Korean friends and I eat with them.”

Guy 2: Wow, we’re Koreans! (pointing to himself and to girl)

I smiled at them, then Guy 1 asks me.

Guy 1: What about Chinese friends? Do you also have Chinese friends?

“Yes, I have a lot.”

Guy 2: He’s Chinese. (pointing to Guy 1)

“Oh, my dad’s Chinese also, but he grew up here so I’m half-Chinese.”

Guy 1: Wow, that’s great! I’m Chinese also, from China.

Guy 1 looked like he was happy. HAHA. He was so adorbs! But yeah, I couldn’t think of a reply so I just smiled. They then told me that it was great talking to me and they were thankful because I answered their questions. I said it was nice meeting them and we all hoped each other a good day. Then they all shook my hand one by one and we continued walking, me to UD and them to ALLC. On their way, they glanced back at me and smiled and waved again.


I just wanted to share this with you because I found the encounter cute. HAHA. The three of them looked so friendly and cute, I would actually want to be their friend if I could. And they looked so close. Hihi. I actually would’ve wanted to have a photo with them, but I only thought of it when we already parted ways. LOL. Well, besides being able to help those nice people, I was also able to brush up on my Philippine cultural knowledge. Though I’m not sure if I gave them the right answers for questions 1 and 3. HEHE. Ohwell, I tried. And my intention was good. 😉

That’s all for tonight. Have a good rest! 😀





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