Hey there SPF’s! 😀

How are you? 🙂

So earlier today, my friend Annie 이서현 invited me to go to Starbucks for the Happy Hour. I met up with her and Tae Hyeon-씨 at Starbucks beside Cantina. Can I just say, the line was so long! Unlike the Starbucks beside Rustan’s last week. HAHA. So yeah, the three of us were just chatting, seated near the way to the washroom. Out of nowhere, my friend Hannah (whom I know is on vacation overseas) suddenly walks out of the washroom and looked right at me!

Waaah. Tadhana nga naman! HAHAHA. That bruha friend of mine didn’t tell me that she was back in the country already so I was really shocked! And, she was with Leslie of all people! =)) And also Ali. HAHA. Well, I asked her why she didn’t tell me she was here already and she quickly explained that she was only here for a few days and she will be flying out again on Wednesday. Here, she blogged about it. 🙂

So yeah, after we (Hannah, Leslie, Ali and I) talked for a while, I returned to our (Annie, me and Tae Hyeon) table because that time we were deciding on where to eat dinner. We went out of Starbucks and said goodbye to Tae Hyeon, who was headed to the LRT station, because we were gonna head to the opposite direction. Suddenly, Annie thought of eating at BrickFire, a new restaurant in Esteban Abada Street and so we walked with Tae Hyeon until Shakey’s and parted from there.

In BrickFire, I ordered their T-bone steak, something Annie (HAHA. It’s funny that the dish is called ________ Annie) and Annie ordered the Spicy Chicken Adobo. Here!


Our food 🙂


Annie’s Spicy Chicken Adobo. That’s the vinegar on top and the Adobo’s the one inside the bamboo thing in the middle.


My _______ Annie. HAHA. Seriously I can’t remember the name of the dish.

In all fairness, the steak I ordered was good and the meat was tender. Plus! It was actually cheap for a steak. HAHA. It just costs 120 bucks. On the other hand, Annie said her Adobo isn’t spicy. And, the waitress couldn’t have been more careless! As she was clearing our table when we were paying our bill, guess what she did? Well, she spilled the vinegar on me! Thank you! And that’s because she just tossed it into my plate without giving a thought to the fact that the container’s filled with liquid. Ugh. That actually annoyed me, not such a good first impression. But yeah, after a while I just forgot about it. HAHA.

Today was a kinda slow and tiring day but the later part saved it. The only thing is that it didn’t save my brain ‘coz it’s still not functioning as it should. Ugh. Ohwell, towel. :)) I hope tomorrow gets better.





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