To My Blog’s Number One Fan <3


Hey there SPF’s!

It’s Mother’s Day! 😀

How did you spend the day with your moms? Me, since I’m away from home, I just greeted my mom through the phone. Yeah, sad life. HAHA. I have no choice because of summer school. And because of that, I decided to just make a post about my blog’s #1 fan. 😀

My #1 Fan

My number one fan constantly reads my posts. As in she really reads every single post, so I’m betting (and I’m 110% sure) that she’s gonna read this too. But it’s not because I tell her to but it’s because she wants to know how I am doing, and it keeps her posted on what I’ve been busy with. Do you guys know who she is?

Well, my number one fan is none other than MY MOM! My mom always wants to be updated with what’s been happening to me and since we don’t really talk to each other on the phone everyday, she always reads my posts. My mom always wants to make sure that I’m safe and doing well.

There are times when I haven’t been a good daughter to her but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her. Mom, I may not always say it or show it but please know that I love you and I don’t mean to hurt you whenever we fight. It’s just that you happen to have a daughter who’s strong-willed when she happens to set her self on something. HAHA. But you should be proud ‘coz that just means you raised a daughter who can handle the things that life throws at her. LOL. 😉


Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all your moms, guys! And Happy Mother’s Day, too, to all the moms who are reading this. ❤



P.S. That photo was taken two years ago. HAHA


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  1. Thank you so much my luvaluv, so sorry I missed this blog as I was so overwhelmed with the passing days happening like the 26th wedding anniversary of me and dads and the mother’s day celebration. By the way, Dad gave me a new wedding ring blessed by the priest. I love you soooooo much anak, please do take care of yourself. You’re one of the greatest gift I receive from the Almighty, and I am really very grateful and very happy for having you as my daughter. 1-4-3-4-4

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