Weekend Night Trip~


Hey there SPF’s!

How’s your weekend so far?

Are you enjoying your weekend? Going to the beach? Sleeping the whole day? Chilling with friends? For someone like me who has summer school, every weekend counts. HAHA. So what do I usually do during weekends like today?

One of my usual weekend routines

One of the things I usually do on weekends is stay in the dorm to watch, read or sleep, and either order food or cook instant stuff in the microwave. HAHAHA. Then I go eat out in the evening and go someplace else in Katipunan to pass the time. :))

Today, I just stayed in the dorm the whole morning and afternoon. I just cooked Neoguri noodles for lunch and that’s it. At around 5 or so, I invited Stefi to eat out and we decided to go to Tboy (Teriyaki Boy) for an early dinner. Stefi ordered Miso Soup and Katsudon while I ordered Dynamite Roll and Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki. Nomnom.


Stefi with our food 😀


My Suki Beef Teppanyaki


My Dynamite Roll with the Suki Beef peeking. HAHA


Stefi’s Katsudon


Stefi’s Miso Soup 🙂

After eating, we were both so full that we decided not to go straight back to the dorm. We agreed to go to FullyBooked first then do a bit of grocery shopping. After buying some stuff in FullyBooked, we went to Rustan’s Fresh Supermarket to buy supplies that were running low. And since I wanted to have a grocery shopping photo, Stefi obliged and took a photo of me, even though there were some people who were looking at us. HAHAHAHA.


My first ever grocery shopping photo in my whole life! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So this is how I usually go about on weekends, how about you? Feel free to share! 😀





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