Color of a “Friend”


Hey there SPF’s! ๐Ÿ˜€

How’ve you all been?

I’ve just finished doing preparations for tomorrow’s adventure because early in morning, my schoolmates and I will be setting off to Mt. Banahaw for our Histo165 lakbay-aral. I’m very excited as this will be my first time to go trekking. Hihihi.

What’s the purpose of the title?

I have mentioned in my previous post that I have just recently started watching the K-drama Color of a Woman. I have just finished watching episode 7 and there’s been something that’s bothering me about one of the characters.

Wang JinJoo is a pretty young lady who is the friend of Byeon SoRa, the female lead. But seriously, I am not liking the kind of friend that she is for some reasons. Although there are times when I just love how their friendship turns out, there are just some things about JinJoo-ssi that makes me think about unfriending her if she were my friend. So what are these reasons?

1.) She is leeching off of SoRa.

She is living in SoRa’s house for free (I think) and she sometimes uses up all the supplies that SoRa buys. What’s worse is that she’s a messy girl but then she lets SoRa clean up after her most of the time.

2.) She is a traitor.

At the start of the drama, Byeon SoRa finds JinJoo with her (Byeon SoRa) boyfriend. JinJoo claims that SoRa told her that Lee DongWoo was only her friend so she thought that it was okay. Also, she claimed that she was also fooled by DongWoo. Well, given that she is also a victim, after that incident when Yoon JoonSu, SoRa’s first love, was trying to rekindle his relationship with SoRa, JinJoo was there at every opportunity she could get to ruin the possibility of SoRa and YoonSu starting over again because she wanted the latter for herself. And she kept on trying to make SoRa jealous every chance she could get.ย What a friend!

3.) She is selfish and conceited.

I have already mentioned that JinJoo is a pretty lady. Well, she keeps on praising her self and she thinks that she’s just that in every way. Once, when SoRa prepared a really nice outfit because she was going to give a presentation at their office, JinJoo “stole” the outfit and wore it to work (they go to the same company) that same day, leaving SoRa with her usual get-up, which is not so fashionable. She thinks it fits her better because she’s prettier than SoRa, and when SoRa tried to take it back from her when they were in the office, she made it look like SoRa was stealing it.

I don’t know if SoRa is a martyr friend or if she’s just plain stupid to be putting up with all these things that JinJoo’s doing to her but if I were SoRa, I would seriously consider unfriending JinJoo. I mean, what kind of friend would do this to me, right? She’s obviously trying to make SoRa miserable because she only wants her self to be happy. Tsktsk. But I seriously hope that she would change in the middle of the drama, maybe then I could like her and consider her a friend worth keeping for SoRa.

What about you, have you had any incidents wherein you had the desire to unfriend someone? ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to share. I would be interested! ๐Ÿ˜€





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