Reward Thy Self :D


Hey SPF’s!

Did you have a good day? 🙂

I just had my Eco111 midterm exam today and gahd, I was so stressed “trying” to study last night! It’s quite annoying to have to spend time on something you don’t understand. But I’m glad it’s over now! I just want to enjoy the coming weekend! Hihihi.

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been stressed because of the many school requirements we had to accomplish this week which is why I decided to reward myself with the best thing ever created — FOOD! HAHAHAHA.

I am really a big fan of Asian food. I love eating Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food and other Asian cuisines. So as I was thinking of what to reward myself, I started craving for Chinese food. Because of this, I decided to go to HapChan, a Chinese restaurant in front of school.

I didn’t want to eat alone, especially in HapChan (I’ve eaten there before on my own. HUHU. Sad girl.), which is why I asked some of my friends to eat with me. Most of them couldn’t and only Mc said yes. So we decided to meet at 3. MEHEHE. That’s when my last class ends.


Here is my friend to the rescue, Mc! 😀


And this is meee, with my messy hair and the food we ordered. HAHA. This is what you call stressed.


These are what we ordered: Wanton, the round stuff in that rectangular plate; Shark’s Fin Dumpling in that steam bowl; and Beef Fried Ho Fan, which is sort of like pad thai, but not really like it. HAHAHAHA.


The plate you’re seeing here is mine. HAHA. I’m so matakaw! LOL. I ordered Apple Sidra for my drink, as you can see on the left side.

I reaaally loved what we ate! HAHA. I encourage you to try the Ho Fan, it’s just so good and filling! Plus, the beef is so tender and tasty. Also, the Apple Sidra, which is apple soda, was a good drink to go with the food. I suggest you try them! 😉

What about you, how do you reward your self? 😀 Feel free to share!




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