Hooray Day!


Hey there SPF’s!

It almost rained today. Hihi. It’s not as hot as the other days that passed. I hope it’s always like this, or even colder. HAHA.

How was your day?

So I went out to have an early dinner with my friends Leslie and Bastin. We only had less than an hour and a half ‘coz Leslie has class at 6. We met at tea.ology and then went to Sisig Hooray after to eat. MEHE.

It was amazing to find out that that was the first time Bastin ever ate Sisig. I mean, Sisig is just sinfully yum! HAHAHA. But yeah, our friend Bastin was quite heartbroken the past weeks and he’s now in the “healing” stage so Leslie and I were there to listen to him tell us what happened and to give unsolicited advice. HAHAHAHA. We’re such good friends that’s why we’re doing this. *winkwink*

But seriously, we didn’t want our friend to keep on hurting over something that might not, or might, be worth the pain. As his “ates” we wanted to help him get over this “tragedy” so to speak and be ready to face a new world, since he’s going to enter college soon. πŸ˜‰ So yes, somehow Β the weather set the mood for the “heartbreak” story telling but afterward, we were able to see a ray of hope in our minds. MUHAHAHAHA.


Meee, after dinner with Les and Bastin. πŸ™‚

Funny Sisters!

So yeah, my sister called this afternoon to ask for my help. They said they were gonna try to bake cupcakes but the serving that the recipe book had was too big for them for a trial bake so they wanted me to scale it down. As they were telling me about the Main Mix, I suddenly thought of this recipe book I bought a couple of weeks ago with a Main Mix recipe in it. I asked them where they bought the book, how the book looks like, and what was in it. It turns out, we bought the same book! HAHAHA. Now that’s what you call sisterly connection!

When I bought that recipe book, I actually thought of how they would be delighted with it and how they would want to try the recipes there. It’s just funny that we actually ended up buying the same book without even knowing it. So yeah, I tried my best and gave them a scaled down recipe which they will be trying out in a while. I hope that they succeed in their first try at baking cupcakes. HAHA. Nomnom.

Rainy Day Feel

Since it’s a cold night and it feels like it’s gonna rain though I doubt it will, I just want to share with you my “Rainy Day Song” during the second semester of my Sophomore year, which was just last November to March. HAHA. Here it is:

That’s it for tonight friends! Hope you have a good night. πŸ™‚




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