Bonding Night :)


Hey there SPF’sss!

What’s up?

Today is Labor Day so we got a one day break from school in the middle of the week. HAHA. Ever since the day I got back here in the Philippines from vacay, this is the first time that it rained. Yes, it finally rained! I have tirelessly complained about the heat in my blog, to my friends, to my mom, and to everyone else. Now I’m so happy that it finally rained.


So yeah, I stumbled upon this awesome website just now. It’s definitely worth a visit especially for those who love the rain. If you want to have a bit of rain, even on a sunny day, check it out! 😉 Click this!


On to Bonding Night…

As I have mentioned in my previous post, last night I went out with some of my closest friends here in school. Because of our mismatched schedules, we haven’t been able to see each other as much as we used to so going out last night was something we looked forward to, and enjoyed. 😀

So last night, my friends picked me up from the waiting shed when they finished their classes. We drove to Tomas Morato to have dinner. We went in a convoy of two with Kristen (Ten) leading the way and Rhett following behind. Inside Kristen’s car were me, Leslie, and Stefi while inside Rhett’s car was Mc.

On the way there, we (people in Ten’s car) talked about where we wanted to eat. We also talked about other stuff, either about school or just life. HAHA. So in the end, we decided to eat at Bubble Tea, a Japanese Milk Tea Place. WAHAHAHA. We were all so full after eating! But then we were all so hungry when we got there that’s why we didn’t have photos with our food. :))


Photo taken by moi using Ten’s phone. 😀 Left from Top-Bottom: Leslie, Ten & Me. Right from Top-Bottom: Mc, Rhett & Stefi.


Our oh-so-gay friend Mc with his Strawberry Milk Tea. HAHAHA. Kidding! Real men drink pink-colored drinks. :)) (Photo taken by Ten)


Another photo of us taken by moi again, this time using my phone. HAHA. Too bad I didn’t do as well as I did in taking the photo using Ten’s phone. It became an all-girls shot with a hint of Rhett. HAHAHAHA.

After we were all able to fill our stomachs with sumptuous food, all of us went to Trinoma to watch The Avengers, except for Ten who already watched it last Saturday. We got to the movie house late so we weren’t able to watch the start of the movie but we still had lotsa fun. We met our other friends there. Fortunately for Erwin, Yssa, Nikki D. and Nikki P., they were able to watch the start.

After watching almost a couple of hours of arguing among the heroes, fighting enemies from another world, and Chris Evans just sizzling hot, we left for home and had fun conversations. One moment we were just laughing about something and the next we were scaring each other with horror stories. HAHA. Rhett brought us all back home safe, dropping Leslie off at their house first then me and Stefi at the dorm, and finally Mc at his condo.

YEAHMEHN! I really had fun and I wanna have another night like this again. Hihi. ❤




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