No Bore ;)


Hi SPF’s!

It’s another Sunday and tomorrow, we will all be going back to the real world, i.e. school or work. HAHA.


I have said, or maybe implied, in the beginning that I’m a lazy person. I don’t like doing schoolwork, but I still do it because, well, I have no choice. HAHA. I’ll fail if I don’t and I don’t want that to happen. But, I procrastinate and cram as much as possible.

What do you do?

During weekends, before I accomplish my homework, I do other stuff. Lots of fun stuff because I don’t want to be bored. HAHA. But my two most favorite are: SLEEPING and WATCHING MOVIES/DRAMAS/SHOWS.

You might remember me saying in my other posts that I woke up at 11am or 1pm that day. That’s my normal waking up time on weekends when I have nothing to do. And even when I wake up late, I still take a nap in the afternoon sometimes. HAHAHAHA. ROFL.

Now when I’m not sleeping, you’ll find me sitting in front of my desk, eating with my eyes glued to my computer screen. Maybe a couple of months ago, I watched K-dramas like Secret Garden, Spy Myeong Wol, Princess Man and Poseidon. But recently, I have no dramas to watch so I’ve only been watching Running Man. Gad, it’s the best!

Speaking of…

Let’s talk Running Man. The most recent episode of Running Man that I watched features Jang Hyuk as the guest (I’m way behind the airing eps. HAHA). Hihihi. ❤ Can I just say, he’s so hot! And his pictures don’t even do him justice! He looks better on TV than in photos. HAHA.

Taken from

Mehehe. Taken from

On a different note, one of the things that I loved in Running Man is the Monday Couple Kang Gaerie and Song Ji Hyo. Their on screen chemistry is just so good and I just go hoity-toity when they start being sweet to each other. The spontaneity and cuteness of their actions just make me ship them more. HEHE.

Hihi~ ❤ Taken from




So yeah, I read just a few days ago that the Monday Couple has come to an end. HUHUHUHUHU. Major heartbreak! :(( It turns out Ji Hyo already is in a relationship with her entertainment company’s CEO Baek Chang Joo. I was late in knowing the news and there’s nothing I can actually do because, well, I’m just a viewer. HAHAHA. But yes, I did hope for Ji Hyo and Gaerie to be together for real! HAHA. I was really sad when I learned of the news but I still love Running Man so I will continue to watch it until the time comes that it becomes boring. But I think that won’t happen. 😉

What about you, what do you do so as not to get bored? 😀

Lazy Daisy,



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