Free Fringe-y Day :D


Hey there SPF’s!

How was your day?

I woke up today at a few minutes past 11am. I just watched Running Man and ate instant noodles for lunch. Then at around 2, I took a bath because I was going out.

At half past 3 in the afternoon, my girl friend and roommate Stefi went to David’s Salon Katipunan to get our hairs trimmed. Stefi wanted to get a shorter layer compared to what she was sporting while I just wanted to get rid of my split ends. When we were inside the salon, I got tempted to look at the sample hairstyles and in the end, against my better judgment, I decided to have “long bangs” which I could just clip if I don’t like it. I say that it’s against my better judgment because I have naturally curly hair and I know that getting fringes wouldn’t work for me.

So yeah, I explained to the hairstylist what I thought of and he gave his opinion, saying it would be okay as long as it’s long. HAHA. He then started trimming my hair. I asked him to just cut an inch. As he was doing this, I was nervous because I was scared of how my decision would turn out. When he started picking a portion of my front hair, I watched closely. Snip! When he started cutting, I thought “Okay, I think that length’s fine” but then he cut around a half to one inch again and GAAAH, I smelled trouble! The fringe turned out shorter than how I would’ve wanted it. 

Stefi, on the other hand, got a style that suited here IMO, but the hairstylist cut her hair too short. I think he cut like around 2-3 inches. She had long hair before we entered the salon but when we went out, she had a medium-length hair. So we somehow felt like our hair cuts were fail. HAHA.

After leaving David’s, we went to tea.ology to buy milk tea. Stefi got Vanilla Milk Tea with Egg Pudding while I got Jasmine Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and Extra Milk. After buying our drinks, we went to the washroom in Regis Center to fix our problems — meaning our hair. HAHAHA. Here are photos of us in the washroom with our new hair:


You can tell by the expressions on our faces that we’re not satisfied with our hair cuts.

After “fixing” ourselves, we tried to go to FullyBooked but since we have drinks, we weren’t allowed inside. So we just decided to proceed with our plan to go grocery shopping at Rustan’s Fresh Supermarket. We spent a couple of hours there just enjoying ourselves walking down the aisles. HAHAHA. After that, we just went home and tried to solve our hair problems again. =))


I tried to remedy it but this is the best I could do. HAHA.

What about you, have you had any hair disasters? Feel free to share! 😉





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