Fun day! :D


Hey there SPF’s!

How was your day?

I went to Greenhills Shopping Center today with my roommate Stefi for some retail therapy after a long week. Hihi. First of all, we went to FullyBooked after getting there and Stefi bought this quite huge book of Edgar Allan Poe works. After that, we went to Happy Lemon to buy drinks. Stefi bought the Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream and I bought the Milk Tea with Crispy and Brown Sugar Jelly.


Stefi with her Happy Lemon drink 😀

After buying our drinks, we then went on to buy… stuff. HAHAHAHA. The things girls usually buy. 😉 One of the things I bought, and actually the main reason we went to GH, is a hard case for my phone. I really loved it, but there was another color I wanted to buy. Too bad it had dirt on it and it was the last piece left. 😐


The moshi hard case I bought for my Galaxy W. 😀

So yeah, we went around the shopping center and I tried looking for the top my sister wanted me to buy but I couldn’t find it. While we were looking around, I saw PBA player Rico Maierhofer shopping with his girl (I think. HAHA).

When Stefi and I were tired, we decided to go back to the dorm and just buy dinner at Bonchon Katipunan. After buying our food at the second level of the Regis building, we went to the ground floor to ride the trike but on our way, we met one of our blockmates Steve. We said hi to each other and had a short chat. While Stefi and Steve were talking, I looked around and saw someone. Jon Avila in all his splendidness! HAHA. It was obvious he just came from the gym (Gold’s Gym is at the 4th floor of Regis building) because he had a gym bag with him and he was wearing gym clothes. HAHA. Gosh, my vision’s just so…I have alert eyes! :))

Well, Stefi and I didn’t stay there long. We left after a short while and came back to the dorm. We were just so happy after de-stressing. HAHA. At least we can pamper ourselves a bit after (and before facing again) a very stressful week of summer class. HAHAHA.

What about you, have you destressed already? 🙂





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