Reunited And It Feels So Good <3


Hey there SPF’s!

How was your day?

It’s really been super hot here in Manila and today was no exception. I had to bear with my legs sweating while I sat in my classes and trust me, it’s really annoying and quite embarrassing even if other people don’t know about it (but now everyone who reads this will know. HAHA). I was really uncomfortable during class and I could almost think of nothing else but the end of class. :))

Chillin’ with mah gurl frieeend :>

I end class everyday at 3pm. The other night, one of my best friends Leslie and I decided to chill today because we haven’t seen each other for a week already (that’s not normal for us) and we miss each other so much! HAHAHAHA. We decided to meet at 4:30 because she has an hour and a half break every TTh before her Law class.

We agreed to eat an early dinner at a restaurant in front of our school before her 6-8pm class. Before going there, we first dropped by our favorite tea shop, tea.ology, to buy milk tea~ Hihihihi. She ordered her usual Jasmine Milk Tea (this is our favorite!) with Coconut Jelly and I ordered Caramel Milk Tea with Egg Pudding. After making the purchase, we walked the short distance to Flaming Wings.


Leslie with her Jasmine Milk Tea from tea.ology

Flaming Wings has been one of our favorite restaurants not only because of it’s good food and affordable prices but also because of the memories we’ve had there. HAHA. We used to eat dinner there with our teammates way back when we were still part of the Ateneo Table Tennis Team. Leslie ordered their Chicken Tenders in Original Sauce with Honey Mustard Dip while I ordered Chicken Tenders in Wild (super spicy! :>) Sauce with Blue Cheese Dip.


Nomnom. My Chicken Tenders in Wild Sauce with Blue Cheese Dip on the left and Leslie’s Chicken Tenders in Original Sauce with Honey Mustard Dip. :>

So basically, we just talked over dinner about anything and everything. We talked about the weather, school, our friends, and whatever. We caught up on the things that happened during the one week we didn’t see each other. We just enjoyed each other’s company because that’s really how things are with someone you treasure: you could be talking about trivial things or nothing at all and still feel like you’re forming important memories because what matters is the bond that you share. ❤

I’m glad to have friends whom I can share silence with and still be happy and contented. People like those are for keeps. How about you, what’s your idea of friendship? 🙂

(Btw, I suggest you try the drinks in tea.ology and the food in Flaming Wings, they’re really good and worth what you pay for. :D)


Your friend,



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