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I was in the middle of my History 165 class when I thought of a brilliant (for me. HAHA) topic that I could talk about in today’s post. I became eager to open my blog and talk about it. This is quite different from the previous posts I had. Read on to find out. 🙂

Dough-not is real

So there I was, listening to my prof discuss politics in the Philippines during the the old times. Back then, the leaders were called datus and they belonged to the social class maginoo. The society before wasn’t an open class system and only those who come from the maginoo class can become a datu.

But then, not  just anyone from the maginoo class can become the leader. The datus were chosen based on 4 criteria.

1. He must be a provider.

The datu must be able to provide not only for his family but also for the community, so this trait is really important.

2. He must be charismatic.

The datu has to have the charm or appeal that will make his subjects follow him because what use would a leader be if he can’t command obeisance and loyalty from his subjects?

3. He must be a “Man of Prowess”.

Of course, the datu is expected to have leadership skills but besides that, he is also expected to have heaps of children to ensure succession to the throne. In fact, having children with women from the lower class was a common practice and the children were called sandig-sin-datu. On the other hand, having children with women from the same class other than the wife was a no-no.

The last criterion which is THE MOST IMPORTANT is:

4. He must be pure of heart.

According to our prof, not having the other three traits would be fine as long as the datu has this. The datu must have a pure heart because as a leader, he has to serve his domain and he must think of his people’s welfare in ruling. What would all the other three traits mean if all he could think about is himself and his own well-being, right?

Having discussed all four, our professor related the Datu Politics to our modern-day politics. He asked the class if the current president Noynoy Aquino passed all these requirements. He enumerated them one by one until the third criterion and every time, there were heads shaking. Our prof wasn’t even sure himself. But when he asked the fourth one, he immediately added, “We all know he has this and because of that, he will have a good term like his mother.”

So what’s my point in writing this (relatively) long post? Well I just wanted to point out that I think our professor is right. There have been lots of criticisms about PNoy saying that he doesn’t have what it takes to run our country. A lot of people say that he lacks this or he lacks that.

But, I do believe that if there’s one thing he has that can help us, it’s his desire to improve our nation, to look after our welfare as a country. And I do believe it’s because of this that despite the bad things people have said about him before the elections, he still won in the end. Even during our times when vote buying is rampant, he was chosen because the citizens saw his good intentions. The Filipinos said no to the dough and went with the lesser evil.

To sum things up

By writing this post, I am not saying that PNoy is either good or bad. What I can say though is that I think there’s nothing we can’t do if we all cooperate and help each other. 😉

What are your thoughts? 🙂



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    • Well, dough is money and since the people chose the lesser evil, they said no to the dough. :))

      We all know that there’s money involved in vote buying. 🙂

      Sorry if I’m not making sense, I’m just weird. HAHA

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