Lazy Sunday :)


Hey there Slumber Party friends!

What’s up?

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon for me. I woke up from a long sleep (about 12 hours) at 1:13 pm and since then I haven’t done anything except sit in front of my laptop and browse the web. As of this writing, I haven’t taken a bath yet. HAHAHA. I know, I’m such a sloth! :)) But I plan to take a bath at 4:30 and then do my schoolwork after. Hihi. 😀 I’m not that lazy, you know. 😉

On a sidenote.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to post about the Etude House event yet. 😐 The pictures from the event are with my friend and I’m waiting for her to upload it. But don’t fret because I WILL blog about it, even if a bit late. MEHE. I’m quite excited about it, you know, so I will surely share it with you. 😉

Anyhoo, I posted a video prior to this and I hope you will check it out and like it. 😀

Ta-ta for now,



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