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Movie Night! :D


Hey there SPF’s!

What’s up?

My day went normally today, except that I had a headache that woke me up at 4 in the morning. HAHAHA. It’s better now, after much hoping that the pain would go away.

Tonight, I will be eating dinner with my block mates, some of whom I haven’t seen for a month already. After that, we will be watching The Avengers. YAY! Hihi. I won’t be able to tell you about it until tomorrow. MEHE.

For now, I leave you with this song which had become the clubbing song of mine and my sister when we were in Australia. 😀

Have a good night! 😀




No Bore ;)


Hi SPF’s!

It’s another Sunday and tomorrow, we will all be going back to the real world, i.e. school or work. HAHA.


I have said, or maybe implied, in the beginning that I’m a lazy person. I don’t like doing schoolwork, but I still do it because, well, I have no choice. HAHA. I’ll fail if I don’t and I don’t want that to happen. But, I procrastinate and cram as much as possible.

What do you do?

During weekends, before I accomplish my homework, I do other stuff. Lots of fun stuff because I don’t want to be bored. HAHA. But my two most favorite are: SLEEPING and WATCHING MOVIES/DRAMAS/SHOWS.

You might remember me saying in my other posts that I woke up at 11am or 1pm that day. That’s my normal waking up time on weekends when I have nothing to do. And even when I wake up late, I still take a nap in the afternoon sometimes. HAHAHAHA. ROFL.

Now when I’m not sleeping, you’ll find me sitting in front of my desk, eating with my eyes glued to my computer screen. Maybe a couple of months ago, I watched K-dramas like Secret Garden, Spy Myeong Wol, Princess Man and Poseidon. But recently, I have no dramas to watch so I’ve only been watching Running Man. Gad, it’s the best!

Speaking of…

Let’s talk Running Man. The most recent episode of Running Man that I watched features Jang Hyuk as the guest (I’m way behind the airing eps. HAHA). Hihihi. ❤ Can I just say, he’s so hot! And his pictures don’t even do him justice! He looks better on TV than in photos. HAHA.

Taken from

Mehehe. Taken from

On a different note, one of the things that I loved in Running Man is the Monday Couple Kang Gaerie and Song Ji Hyo. Their on screen chemistry is just so good and I just go hoity-toity when they start being sweet to each other. The spontaneity and cuteness of their actions just make me ship them more. HEHE.

Hihi~ ❤ Taken from




So yeah, I read just a few days ago that the Monday Couple has come to an end. HUHUHUHUHU. Major heartbreak! :(( It turns out Ji Hyo already is in a relationship with her entertainment company’s CEO Baek Chang Joo. I was late in knowing the news and there’s nothing I can actually do because, well, I’m just a viewer. HAHAHA. But yes, I did hope for Ji Hyo and Gaerie to be together for real! HAHA. I was really sad when I learned of the news but I still love Running Man so I will continue to watch it until the time comes that it becomes boring. But I think that won’t happen. 😉

What about you, what do you do so as not to get bored? 😀

Lazy Daisy,


Free Fringe-y Day :D


Hey there SPF’s!

How was your day?

I woke up today at a few minutes past 11am. I just watched Running Man and ate instant noodles for lunch. Then at around 2, I took a bath because I was going out.

At half past 3 in the afternoon, my girl friend and roommate Stefi went to David’s Salon Katipunan to get our hairs trimmed. Stefi wanted to get a shorter layer compared to what she was sporting while I just wanted to get rid of my split ends. When we were inside the salon, I got tempted to look at the sample hairstyles and in the end, against my better judgment, I decided to have “long bangs” which I could just clip if I don’t like it. I say that it’s against my better judgment because I have naturally curly hair and I know that getting fringes wouldn’t work for me.

So yeah, I explained to the hairstylist what I thought of and he gave his opinion, saying it would be okay as long as it’s long. HAHA. He then started trimming my hair. I asked him to just cut an inch. As he was doing this, I was nervous because I was scared of how my decision would turn out. When he started picking a portion of my front hair, I watched closely. Snip! When he started cutting, I thought “Okay, I think that length’s fine” but then he cut around a half to one inch again and GAAAH, I smelled trouble! The fringe turned out shorter than how I would’ve wanted it. 

Stefi, on the other hand, got a style that suited here IMO, but the hairstylist cut her hair too short. I think he cut like around 2-3 inches. She had long hair before we entered the salon but when we went out, she had a medium-length hair. So we somehow felt like our hair cuts were fail. HAHA.

After leaving David’s, we went to tea.ology to buy milk tea. Stefi got Vanilla Milk Tea with Egg Pudding while I got Jasmine Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and Extra Milk. After buying our drinks, we went to the washroom in Regis Center to fix our problems — meaning our hair. HAHAHA. Here are photos of us in the washroom with our new hair:


You can tell by the expressions on our faces that we’re not satisfied with our hair cuts.

After “fixing” ourselves, we tried to go to FullyBooked but since we have drinks, we weren’t allowed inside. So we just decided to proceed with our plan to go grocery shopping at Rustan’s Fresh Supermarket. We spent a couple of hours there just enjoying ourselves walking down the aisles. HAHAHA. After that, we just went home and tried to solve our hair problems again. =))


I tried to remedy it but this is the best I could do. HAHA.

What about you, have you had any hair disasters? Feel free to share! 😉




Fun day! :D


Hey there SPF’s!

How was your day?

I went to Greenhills Shopping Center today with my roommate Stefi for some retail therapy after a long week. Hihi. First of all, we went to FullyBooked after getting there and Stefi bought this quite huge book of Edgar Allan Poe works. After that, we went to Happy Lemon to buy drinks. Stefi bought the Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream and I bought the Milk Tea with Crispy and Brown Sugar Jelly.


Stefi with her Happy Lemon drink 😀

After buying our drinks, we then went on to buy… stuff. HAHAHAHA. The things girls usually buy. 😉 One of the things I bought, and actually the main reason we went to GH, is a hard case for my phone. I really loved it, but there was another color I wanted to buy. Too bad it had dirt on it and it was the last piece left. 😐


The moshi hard case I bought for my Galaxy W. 😀

So yeah, we went around the shopping center and I tried looking for the top my sister wanted me to buy but I couldn’t find it. While we were looking around, I saw PBA player Rico Maierhofer shopping with his girl (I think. HAHA).

When Stefi and I were tired, we decided to go back to the dorm and just buy dinner at Bonchon Katipunan. After buying our food at the second level of the Regis building, we went to the ground floor to ride the trike but on our way, we met one of our blockmates Steve. We said hi to each other and had a short chat. While Stefi and Steve were talking, I looked around and saw someone. Jon Avila in all his splendidness! HAHA. It was obvious he just came from the gym (Gold’s Gym is at the 4th floor of Regis building) because he had a gym bag with him and he was wearing gym clothes. HAHA. Gosh, my vision’s just so…I have alert eyes! :))

Well, Stefi and I didn’t stay there long. We left after a short while and came back to the dorm. We were just so happy after de-stressing. HAHA. At least we can pamper ourselves a bit after (and before facing again) a very stressful week of summer class. HAHAHA.

What about you, have you destressed already? 🙂




Reunited And It Feels So Good <3


Hey there SPF’s!

How was your day?

It’s really been super hot here in Manila and today was no exception. I had to bear with my legs sweating while I sat in my classes and trust me, it’s really annoying and quite embarrassing even if other people don’t know about it (but now everyone who reads this will know. HAHA). I was really uncomfortable during class and I could almost think of nothing else but the end of class. :))

Chillin’ with mah gurl frieeend :>

I end class everyday at 3pm. The other night, one of my best friends Leslie and I decided to chill today because we haven’t seen each other for a week already (that’s not normal for us) and we miss each other so much! HAHAHAHA. We decided to meet at 4:30 because she has an hour and a half break every TTh before her Law class.

We agreed to eat an early dinner at a restaurant in front of our school before her 6-8pm class. Before going there, we first dropped by our favorite tea shop, tea.ology, to buy milk tea~ Hihihihi. She ordered her usual Jasmine Milk Tea (this is our favorite!) with Coconut Jelly and I ordered Caramel Milk Tea with Egg Pudding. After making the purchase, we walked the short distance to Flaming Wings.


Leslie with her Jasmine Milk Tea from tea.ology

Flaming Wings has been one of our favorite restaurants not only because of it’s good food and affordable prices but also because of the memories we’ve had there. HAHA. We used to eat dinner there with our teammates way back when we were still part of the Ateneo Table Tennis Team. Leslie ordered their Chicken Tenders in Original Sauce with Honey Mustard Dip while I ordered Chicken Tenders in Wild (super spicy! :>) Sauce with Blue Cheese Dip.


Nomnom. My Chicken Tenders in Wild Sauce with Blue Cheese Dip on the left and Leslie’s Chicken Tenders in Original Sauce with Honey Mustard Dip. :>

So basically, we just talked over dinner about anything and everything. We talked about the weather, school, our friends, and whatever. We caught up on the things that happened during the one week we didn’t see each other. We just enjoyed each other’s company because that’s really how things are with someone you treasure: you could be talking about trivial things or nothing at all and still feel like you’re forming important memories because what matters is the bond that you share. ❤

I’m glad to have friends whom I can share silence with and still be happy and contented. People like those are for keeps. How about you, what’s your idea of friendship? 🙂

(Btw, I suggest you try the drinks in tea.ology and the food in Flaming Wings, they’re really good and worth what you pay for. :D)


Your friend,




Hey there SPF’s!

What’s up?

How was your day? 🙂

I was in the middle of my History 165 class when I thought of a brilliant (for me. HAHA) topic that I could talk about in today’s post. I became eager to open my blog and talk about it. This is quite different from the previous posts I had. Read on to find out. 🙂

Dough-not is real

So there I was, listening to my prof discuss politics in the Philippines during the the old times. Back then, the leaders were called datus and they belonged to the social class maginoo. The society before wasn’t an open class system and only those who come from the maginoo class can become a datu.

But then, not  just anyone from the maginoo class can become the leader. The datus were chosen based on 4 criteria.

1. He must be a provider.

The datu must be able to provide not only for his family but also for the community, so this trait is really important.

2. He must be charismatic.

The datu has to have the charm or appeal that will make his subjects follow him because what use would a leader be if he can’t command obeisance and loyalty from his subjects?

3. He must be a “Man of Prowess”.

Of course, the datu is expected to have leadership skills but besides that, he is also expected to have heaps of children to ensure succession to the throne. In fact, having children with women from the lower class was a common practice and the children were called sandig-sin-datu. On the other hand, having children with women from the same class other than the wife was a no-no.

The last criterion which is THE MOST IMPORTANT is:

4. He must be pure of heart.

According to our prof, not having the other three traits would be fine as long as the datu has this. The datu must have a pure heart because as a leader, he has to serve his domain and he must think of his people’s welfare in ruling. What would all the other three traits mean if all he could think about is himself and his own well-being, right?

Having discussed all four, our professor related the Datu Politics to our modern-day politics. He asked the class if the current president Noynoy Aquino passed all these requirements. He enumerated them one by one until the third criterion and every time, there were heads shaking. Our prof wasn’t even sure himself. But when he asked the fourth one, he immediately added, “We all know he has this and because of that, he will have a good term like his mother.”

So what’s my point in writing this (relatively) long post? Well I just wanted to point out that I think our professor is right. There have been lots of criticisms about PNoy saying that he doesn’t have what it takes to run our country. A lot of people say that he lacks this or he lacks that.

But, I do believe that if there’s one thing he has that can help us, it’s his desire to improve our nation, to look after our welfare as a country. And I do believe it’s because of this that despite the bad things people have said about him before the elections, he still won in the end. Even during our times when vote buying is rampant, he was chosen because the citizens saw his good intentions. The Filipinos said no to the dough and went with the lesser evil.

To sum things up

By writing this post, I am not saying that PNoy is either good or bad. What I can say though is that I think there’s nothing we can’t do if we all cooperate and help each other. 😉

What are your thoughts? 🙂


Taking Cover


Hey there SPF’s! 😀

I know I just posted a while ago but I couldn’t help posting again. :)) Don’t worry, this will just be short. 😉

What is it?

Well, while I was writing my previous post, I was listening to a song and it got stuck on my brain so yeah, I ended up having an LSS. The song was Somedaydream’s cover of Daft Punk’s Digital Love. It was actually one of the songs that SD sang during the Etude House event. It’s actually a nice take on a song which is already nice. HAHAHA. 😀 You can listen to it here. 🙂

Auto-tuned or not, I think Somedaydream’s songs are nice so why don’t you go check him out? 😀 Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. 😉

That’s it for now, ta-ra!